Gerd Karin Nordlund

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About Gardens for Unaccustomed

"Well balanced, beautiful and mature lyric. It is picturesque and existential poetry which wishes to build a bridge between the heavenly and pleasantly and the suddenly and painfully harshness in our existence, the "echo sound of memory" and cry in the centre of the present."

Bibliotekstjanst, Eva Dahlstrom

"Poetry as Nordlund's stands above all temporary streams. It touches the deeply humane without taking detours. It is of fine nature--- as it was with her debut ten years ago and it continues now, but in a freer form. When the poet writes "I am not a bird as yet" it is in shyness and does not apply for Nordlund - she sings an exceedingly beautiful poem which is here to stay."

Upsala Nya Tidning (2009-06-25), Magnus Dahlerus

"A brilliant example is this untitled poem which I want to quote on it's whole:

The shades of the trees should be light In stillness of death All things are too long Since Daydreams are the kick turns of thought, First aid against speechlessness An other Effort it is to reach the bottom of one Self and raise again when the music Has ceased the loss is a shire With wind blown trees I stop Finally, accept a healing Forgive Repeat its liberating Open the light! Explode the silence!
Some tendencies and under currents are recognisable from her debut---The remarkable thing is that one recognizes this weightlessness, the absence of time when reading the poems. She writes the poems of memory. Gardens for Unaccustomed is a simple and beautiful collection and confirms to me that Nordlund is one of the important contemporary poets."

Helsingborgs Dagblad (the web 2009-02-22) Kristian Lundberg

"GKN's poems are replenished with significant pictures linked with one another in a way that reminds of the flow of dreams, when reality and surrealism seem just as natural. "Happy dreams have comfortable handles and the tree has its crown" she writes. I am not sure I understand the meaning of this but it makes me happy by being so unexpectedly formulated. Another one to absorb is:

Love is a strong muscle, flows from head down to toes.
Yes, may it be true! I surprise myself by smiling happily to the bridges of words built in this book, many of which do not present themselves at first reading. But it pays to look for them."

Alandstidningen, (2009-02-02) Benita Mattsson-Eklund

"Garden for Unaccustomed is an impressing book, maybe mostly for its modesty. For the easy entrance to it and repose in it. But also for the attraction it hides; suddenly I discover that I long back to the poems, I want to read again, over and over again."

Nya aland, (the web 2009-02-24) Carina Karlsson

About Trough a Hole in the Wall

"Poetry debut with an opening for essentials. The theme, the impacts, the entrance to the sequence everything on its own or altogether, lays in great lyrical consciousness and maturity. GKN's poems are beautiful although not depicting in flattery terms, without being ingratiating. The roughness is always there and simplicity incites overtones that captures a mystical daze."

Skanska Dagbladet, Peter Hultsberg

"Brilliantly simple poetry which affects and very welcome. --- Through a Hole in the Wall you can only see one picture at the time and that is exactly how Nordlund's poetry appears. The hole is a camera lens which whether it zooms in or pans, captures pictures from now and from the past. The focus is optimal and the narrator's voice is a very, very conscious and skilful poet, something she shows with absolute clarity on each and every page."

Boras Tidning, Magnus Snygg

"Solid experiences in a strong movement forward---there is no pampering not in fiction and not in fact---GKN is a very, very conscious and skilful poet, which she shows with no room for doubt on each and every page. "

Goteborgs-Posten, Ragnar Stromberg

"Solid debut from Aland.--- Nordlund comes from the sea. But she does not rise from its foam like Aphrodite. Nor does she come sailing like Odysseus. No, Nordlund realistically takes the ferry into literature. As a whole GKN's debut is solid and mature, a fairly good contribution to the Swedish lyrics of the 90's."

Norrkopings Tidningar, Mats Granberg

"Strong and safe debut--- The poems give a rigid impression; they are held back in tone although the many words. Both the sorrow and the careful happiness, are depicted in inward placidity. It is a safe debut."

Nerikes Allehanda-Nerikes Tidningen, Par-Yngve Andersson

"GKN is in shape a strict poet, who disciplines her material in bare two line stanzas . She is very style conscious and it is a pleasure to take part in her both brave and fortunate line jumps where the stanzas purl away."

Nordvastra Skanes Tidning, Ulf Malmqvist

"With love as her home district--- Nordlund's poetry is inciting, almost conjuring in form and content. It is singing and very rhythmical. It is uplifting reading--- like taking a cleansing and refreshing bath on a hot summer's day."

Nya aland, Katarina Gaddnas-Karlsson

"With quiet precision---It is a real joy to be permitted to read a poet who does not say too much nor too little, but is acquainted with her subject and language. This may probably be the event of the year within Swedish contemporary lyric."

Kvallsposten, Kristian Lundberg