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The Magic House - A Story


This is the story about Majken Berg who is growing up in the province of Aland in Finland. We can follow her from early childhood until it is time to leave home and meet the big world. By then she is 15 years old.

In her home there are grandmother, grandfather, her father and mother and two elder sisters. The happiness is hard to catch, but Majken moves aside to different rooms in the magic house, where she can be undisturbed. She wants to think in tranquility. Then it helps to read old newspapers in the attic or Majken also sits in the bedroom where she sleeps with her parents. She looks at an interesting album with photographs. The gathering room for guests downstairs is also a peaceful place. Two big shells which grandfather brought from America. It says that you can hear the sea roaring. The yearning away Majken bears in her breast. The yearning away is heavy to bear. And she has nobody to talk with.

Adaption for easy readers of:

Frankenstein (1994)

Mr Arne's Money (1997)

The Lass from the Great Bog Cottage (1999)

and retold the story of I, the Slave Gustav Vassa (2005)


Through a Hole in the Wall, ellerströms (1998)

Garden for Unaccustomed, (2008).

Children's book:

Ille from the Last Ice Floe, (2009), together with Ivars Silis, Morten Dürr and Boel Werner.


2009 - 2016 Saint Olof yearbook for churches and culture in Åland.
Different Swedish periodicals.
Poetry and prose in various online editions.
2018 - Body. Soul. Nature, Ed congreation, Upplands Vasby, Sweden, anthology

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